Taking a Look at the Real Green Book’s Connection to Our Area

Finding the Hidden History of the Electric City

“I told myself, I can’t keep all this magical history to myself. I cannot leave it in these pages so from there i came back to the community and wanted to share it in any way possible”

Black History Month Exhibition Opens in Downtown Scranton

“I think we are in a state of building, we need repair. We need to listen to each other. I think the only way to combat racism and injustice and marginalization is to talk about it…”

Art Scene with Erika Funke on WVIA Radio

Scranton Times-Tribune


History subdues heritage of black Scrantonians by Glynis M. Johns

Black Scranton Project Sheds Light on Heritage with Month of Events

Letter to the Editor: “Kudos to the Black Scranton Project for their outstanding contributions to Black History Month…”


Black Scranton Founder Unearths African Americans’ Past

Kwanzaa Festival Founder: Black People Need to Show Unity


Advocate Calls for Historical Markers for Prominent Minority Leaders

Scranton Should Honor the Contributions of Blacks

First Friday February 2019

Up Close & Personal – November 2018

First Friday November 2018