In Response to the University of Scranton:


The Black Scranton Project recently discovered an additional student at The University of Scranton, who had posted racist comments on social media. Racism, whether it be past, present, or future offenses, will not be tolerated. In a place of education, we are calling upon the leaders of this institution to protect all members of The University of Scranton’s community from all injustice.

This student is reportedly a Vice President of the student body and a future Head Resident Advisor (RA). The Black Scranton Project is asking the University to publicly acknowledge these accusations because having a person who holds power and perpetuates racism will surely put African Americans and People of Color at risk. It contaminates the quality of life for all students who live on campus and attend the University. We believe it is essential to share with our community a statement that was just released by Scott R. Pilarz, S.J, President of the University of Scranton. 

This tone-deaf email is a stark display of a lack of concern for the Black experience. The Black Scranton Project does not accept this flimsy apology. Action must be taken and we implore you to make the necessary steps to review and reform the University of Scranton’s Code of Conduct and hold all students, staff, and faculty accountable for their actions because now more than ever Black Lives Matter. 

Glynis M. Johns, M.A. 

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Alexander Lester, M.Ed.

Executive Director of Education and Educational Outreach

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