Game Changers: Pennsylvania Women Who Made History

HARRISBURG, PA –  On Tuesday March 19, As part of Women’s History Month, First Lady Frances Wolf announced a new exhibit at the Governor’s Residence to celebrate the 100th university of the ratification of the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which gave women across the country the right to vote.

The exhibit, entitled Game Changers: Pennsylvania Women Who Made History, showcases 32 Pennsylvania women who made a significant impact over the last century.  One of those 32 women was a Black Scrantonian.

I was invited to attend the announcement reception at the Governor’s Residence in Harrisburg, PA. A few months ago I was asked to consult on this project regarding the representation of black women in NEPA who have contributed to state’s history.  Although my role in the project was small, I had the opportunity to review her biography and photograph of Mrs. Louise Tanner Brown who was selected for the exhibition. Mrs. Brown lived her life in scranton as successful businesswoman, early activist in the 20th century civil rights movement, educator, orator, dramatist, and humanitarian.

Mrs. Louise Tanner Brown’s contributions to Pennsylvania on display in the main entrance of the Governor’s Residence

“This exhibit tells the story of women who proved to be “game changers” in their respective fields, overcoming – as the suffragists who came before them – often insurmountable odds to impact positive change in Pennsylvania,” said First Lady Frances Wolf. “Tom and I hope that this exhibit will serve as a reminder that we all must celebrate and continue to encourage younger generations of women to become leaders in their own professions and communities.”

As I stood there, in the Governor’s residence, listening to First Lady Frances Wolf the address the importance of this 100th anniversary celebration, women, and inspiring the youth I felt that that the work of the Black Scranton Project was be being seen as a valuable entity to not only the Scranton community but the state at large. Right there on the program listed first, was a “special thanks for their assistance” to Black Scranton for our contribution on the project.   This archival project I created called the Black Scranton Project made it all the way to the state capital.

“Game Changers: PA Women Who Made History” Exhibit Program

Black Scranton Project is a game changer. We will continue to make sure black voices and contributions are being recognized.

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